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Why? M.L. Finishing

& Refinishing, LLC 

"Make something old, new again!"

M.L. Finishing & Refinishing LLC believes in creating special moments, when restoring furniture. Our clients expect artistry, craftsmanship, imagination and skill, that's why they choose our company. If these selling points aren’t enough, Mark Lowell has been restoring furniture for almost 30 years. He has collaborated on projects with  the likes of Ron Perlman, of Revlon Cosmetics, Kathy Lee Gifford,  Mayor Michael Bloomberg, President Donald Trump and many others.


At M.L. Finishing & Refinishing LLC, we believe, that, the furniture in your home not only serves a practical purpose, but it also contributes to the look of your interior design, and certain pieces, such as antiques or vintage mid century modern furniture and family heirlooms that have sentimental value. Our process of hand finishing is important. Not only for aesthetics, but, protects furniture protected from damages, as well as wear and tear. We believe furniture has an intrinsic value, and repairing and restoring it, negates buying new furniture, which can be very expensive to replace.  So, give us a call at (347) 515-1808, to schedule an appointment! Please note, that, there is a $40 cost estimate fee. Thanks for your patronage.

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